Thursday, 2 July 2009

Good Morning everyone...

It's 09h45 in good 'ol United Kingdom, and already it's boiling hot... Dammit, I'm suppose to be able to handle this, I AM from the Southern tip of Africa!!! BUTTTTT, me & heat = horrible irritation! grrrrrrrrr.

I'm noticing in Poser Paradise that there's members leaving & other that's having terrible trouble with the whole "Lisence Issue"... Now, I could be realllllly nice & say: Stuff all of it, lets go back to "normal"... BUT, I really want to do this... [if I could put a smiley here... it would be sulking at this very moment!]

I love Poser Paradise, after all... I created it, but I had a choice... either make my tubes PTU's... OR make them FTU's... which means they're FREEEEEEEEEE.... and that's what I opted for... I KNOW how difficult it is in this day & age to buy everything, so I'm GIVING THEM AWAY!!! All of you anyways have given me proper credit... all that's changed now, is that I'm telling you HOW I want you to give the credit... [with my name, a copyright sign & a license nr...] It's as easy as pie!

Now, for those of you that joined the Blog, and STILL haven't receive ur license nr.... please sent a mail to they'll mail you back with that lil nr... Here's the link to Mistakenart: HERE and this' the mailing addy for Mistakenart:

One last favour: would u that already sorted this "license issue" out, pretty please help the others that's struggling with it... It would be ever so sad it all our members dissapear due to this convertion!

Now, let me go do my Domestic Goddess Impersonation! lol
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs & Happy Creating

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