Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dear Members & Poser Paradise,
Speaking your mind's a bloody good thing & it's a great advantage as it breaks down barriers & the truth can finally peak through...


THE "lady" [which ain't a lady if you ask me] in which cause all the havoc in the group with our joDY, had the SAME NAME AS OUR MIS @ MistakenArt... Which made me think... WHAT THE HELLLLLL?????

After speaking to "T" & "MIS" at MistakenArt, I discovered that is wasn't them, and indeed ANOTHER lil shit-head... Which had me all in apologies & groveling...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.... Never the less, I'm STILL with MistakenArt, as they're are INDEED wonderful people, with wonderful ideas & THEY ARE LENIANT, even if all of you don't see it now.
I don't want all of this to escalate into yet another point of mayhem... Let's just go on... Take the wave... And ride it! Let's share our posers... [mine at MistakenArt offcause] and let's love each other & be happy!
Only Jo

PS: CASSIE... START GROVELING...HE HE HE HE... I ALLREADY DID, NOW IT'S UR TURN!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'm laughing, but I totally love you, ur the best ever & you remind me sooooo much of myself, we are passionate about what we do & sometimes reacts with so much drive & fire!!!!

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