Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I have decided to sign with MISTAKENART.COM, and I'm loving every minute of all the hype at the moment! It's still VERY new to me, and I'm sure I'll learn the ropes after a while... but for now, I'm enjoying the feeling...

Below is a pic of one of my lastest group of posers... there's 5 in this set [ur only seeing 3 here] and I'm sure you'll be able to download them soon! Please let me know what you're thinking of them, it's always nice to get some feedback!

Hugs for now


  1. Woo-Hoo!!! ~ Congratez on signing with MTA,I've only been gone for a short time & I come back & see this exciting news!! LOL ~ I am sooooo happy for ya grrl!!!


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  3. WOW!!! All your new posers look Fabulous Jo! Kinda like U! Your so not Fat, ancient & Ugly! Now back the posers...LOL Their friggin SWEET!!! Just like U, but I would never expect anything less from U cuz your the BOMB Baaaaby! & your posers R as Sweet as U! Congrats on Moving up in the Poser world. Your name will be up in Neon Lights in no time! LOL You wait and see. I'm waiting on my license and then I'll be good 2 go. Best of luck to U g/f. (((Hugz)))


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